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Public Relations and Special Events

The Public Information Office for Anderson County EMS is a 24-hour a day, 7 day a week operation. The Public Information Office is assigned to the Directors office and is considered a member of his Command Staff. Its main function is to promote the department in a positive manner to both the general public and the news media.

Anderson County EMS provides medical  standby services for various events including high school football games, rowing events, concerts and other mass gatherings.  ACEMS also participates in public relations events such as presentations at schools and churches.  

To request a speaker, demonstration, EMS visit or other engagement, click on the Public Relations Request form link and fill out the form.  Please complete the request form at least two weeks prior to the event.

When having a large group of people gathered in one location, the chances of someone having a medical emergency in that location increase significantly. Large gatherings can also make accessing someone having an emergency difficult for EMS responders.  Having EMS on site can reduce the response time and allow the patient to be treated in a timely manner. ACEMS can provide EMS medical standby services for indoor or outdoor events of any size.  To request ACEMS to standby for an event, click on the Special Event Standby Request form link and complete the form.  Please complete the request form at least two weeks prior to the event.

For questions regarding Public Affairs or Media Relations contact:

Tyler Crabtree AEMT

Public Affairs Officer / Communications Director

(865) 722-5396

For questions regarding Special Events contact:

Scott Prosise EMT-P

Special Event Coordinator

(865) 963-8561

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