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Meet a Medic

A man of many hats.

Devin Gilliam is a busy man. Shift Commander for Anderson Co. EMS, Sergeant in the Army Reserves, husband, and avid dog lover.

Career Insight.

Devin began his EMS career in 2015. He began like most as a AEMT and ascended through the ranks fairly quickly. After achieving his paramedic, Gilliam was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. During that time he worked with the shift Commander on daily operations. As a young Lieutenant; he found that he had niche for management, and his people skills aren't bad either. Several months later, an opening was available for Commander on the new D-shift that was recently created, when ACEMS went to our new schedule. It was then that Devin threw his hat in the ring for the high ranking position. He kept advancing through the promotion process, ultimately earning the rank of Commander. He's now overseeing ACEMS's D-shift. Thats not all. Devin also plays a roll in our training and education division as an instructor for many topics. On top of advancing his career in EMS, he's also a Sergeant in the US Army Reserves. He's been serving in the military since 2013, having a rank of E-5, with a specialty in 11 bravo. On his days off he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lindsey, and their dogs.

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