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Welcome to Anderson County EMS

Anderson County is located in East Tennessee and easily accessible from I-75, one of the major US interstates.  Anderson County covers approximately 337 square miles and has an additional 7 square miles of water, including Norris Lake, Melton Lake and the Clinch River.  Anderson County is rich with history dating back to WWII, coal mining in Briceville, desegregation in the Clinton schools, and the development of the atomic bomb in the "Secret City", Oak Ridge.  Anderson County Emergency Medical Services provides primary pre-hospital care to the citizens of Anderson County, Tennessee beginning in 1970. The service includes emergency, non-emergency and convalescent transports that account for nearly 18,500 calls annually.  Anderson County EMS operates 6 ALS ambulances - on a 24/72 schedule; and 5 BLS ambulance to assist with convalescent transports. These units are housed within 6 stations strategically placed throughout the county to assists its 77,000 residence.


A Shift Commander/Paramedic oversees every shift, and is equipped with ALS equipment to respond to calls. Anderson County EMS is dedicated to the delivery of excellent patient care to the citizens it serves. In effort to further improve the quality of care within the county, Anderson County EMS maintains an active Emergency Responder Program (EMR) with the local fire departments and the rescue squad. The EMRs operate under Anderson County EMS Clinical Operating Guidelines and are provided the necessary supplies and annual medical training. Anderson County EMS organizes and teaches an EMR class annually, and offers continuing education required for state certification.

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